Yemen: death toll rises to 35 in Aden attack

Yemeni forces ended a hostage crisis Monday with 29 police and six civilians dead, a day after the attack claimed by Daesh began with suicide bombings, official sources said.

Assailants on Sunday stormed the criminal investigations unit in Aden, the Yemeni government’s de facto capital, setting it alight and taking hostages after killing two policewomen execution-style.

 The attack began on Sunday, when two suicide bombers blew themselves up at the entrances to the criminal investigations unit and the city’s security headquarters.

Overnight, the security forces tried three times to seize back the unit, but each time a suicide bomber blew himself up, stopping them from entering, a security official said.

A fourth suicide bombing occurred on Monday morning, before the security forces finally brought an end to the standoff in the southern port city.

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