Yemen cholera outbreak now the world’s largest on record

Yemen’s 5-month old cholera crisis is now the world’s largest outbreak since records began, Oxfam said today as the number of suspected cases rose to over 755,000.

The Yemen outbreak has overtaken the 754,373 suspected cases recorded in Haiti in the six years between 2010 and 2015. Over 2,100 people have already died from cholera, and while the spread of cholera has slowed slightly, it is still spreading fast and at current rates of increase, the number of suspected cases would reach a million by November.

While cholera isn’t new to Yemen, the scale of this outbreak is unprecedented and is being driven by a two-and-a-half year conflict, a borderline famine and entrenched poverty. Over half of all health facilities are destroyed or only partially working, seven million people are a step away from famine and over 20 million need some level of humanitarian aid.

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