Vietnamese coast guards vs. pirates – P2: An order to open fire

Pirates are always dangerous, reckless and willing to do everything to escape when they are spotted, said Major General Nguyen Quang Dam, commander of the Vietnam Coast Guard (VCG), often called marine police by Vietnamese people.

Marine policemen must be smart, determined and well prepared under all possible circumstances to minimize losses, Major General Dam said when recalling the situation when he ordered his subordinates to open fire while stopping the hijacked Zafirah tanker of Malaysia in late 2012.

After ordering the suspected MT Sea Horse vessel, flying the national flag of Honduras, to drop anchor to be inspected by the VCG for its inconsistent replies to Vietnamese authorities, the VCG predicted that it would flee at any time.

Later, the VCG discovered that the MT Sea Horse ship turned out to be the hijacked Zafirah, and the pirates had changed the name.


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