Two Egyptian sailors kidnapped by pirates off Nigerian coast

Ministry of Foreign of Affairs spokesman Badr Abdel-Atti said that two Egyptian sailors, a captain and a navigator, were kidnapped by armed pirates off the coast of Nigeria.

The ministry was alerted by one of the victims’ brother, Mustafa Shawky. He said that the two men were threatened with automatic weapons before being kidnapped, the captors took their phones and computers.

The men were on a ship transporting petrol, though it is not clear how many others were on board the vessel. The shipping company’s manager has reportedly told Shawky that representatives from the company were already on their way to negotiate a settlement.

The manager said he was willing to pay any price to free the two men.

Abdel-Atti said that the Egyptian government had contacted Nigerian authorities and alerted them of the situation, which he said is being closely monitored.


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