Port security requires early planning

According to BMT Group’s Business Development Director Dr. Mark Yong, port security has too often lagged behind the demands of ever more vulnerable facilities with new technology often being deployed as an after-market add-on, rather than a homogenous part of the port’s day to day working.

With new ports being developed on green or brown-field sites across the globe though, it is now possible to design-in security from the planning stage Dr. Yong argues.

The contemporary sea port is a vital cog in the massive machine that is 21st Century commerce and vital to maintaining both global and individual countries’ economic wellbeing. Consequently, port security affects all stakeholders within the cargo operating and port logistics chain and beyond. Furthermore, ports are becoming more multimodal, introducing wider area concerns where cargo is being moved between a number of operators. There is also the additional risk of limited investment by terminal operators in security measures that do not directly protect their income streams, creating the potential for security gaps due to strained government security resources.

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