Maritime Piracy: “Africa Must Develop Its Own Security Architecture”

GATHERED on Thursday, June 25, around Admiral Bernard Rogel, Chief of Staff of the French Navy in Brest, where the operational authority of the Navy is based, several senior military officials from Africa and Europe, taking part in a seminar to reflect on the problem of piracy in connection with illicit activities. The phenomenon has assumed alarming rates in the Gulf of Guinea in recent years.

The seminar, chaired by the French admiral, is part of the overall strategy to fight against piracy and illegal activities that have multiplied in recent years.”If developed over the years of piracy and illegal activities,” said Admiral Bernard Rogel, Chief of Staff of the French Navy.

Africa must build its own security architecture

This meeting is an appropriate framework to exchange and discuss in order to implement responses to security risks in the Gulf of Guinea. Admiral Bernard Rogel urged African countries to work towards the establishment of a security architecture that is their own.


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