WAF Guardcon Beckons

It is understood that BIMCO is set to publish an amended standard Guardcon contract for private maritime security companies operating in West Africa.

The shipowners organisation has long been considering how to make Guardcon appropriate for operations in the Gulf of Guinea. It had been hoped that the document would have been ready earlier this year, but it now seems that September will be the earliest possible time it can be rolled out.

This would mean the document has been more than seven months at drafting stage, a fact which reflects the complexities that surround the use of armed guards in West Africa. According to BIMCO all the drafting committees had now been consulted and they are just confirming replies before sending the contract to the documentary committee for sign-off.

It seems that all has been found acceptable as the International Group of P&I Clubs had found now issues while certain clubs are already providing cover on similar terms.

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