Suez security tight

Cairo: Egyptian authorities have strengthened security measures to secure the Suez Canal after stopping an attack on the Chinese boxship, Cosco Asia, on Saturday. Three people have been arrested for trying to take out the giant containership.

Mohab Mamish, head of the Suez Canal Authority, confirmed increasing the number of troops charged to protect the Suez Canal waterway by 40% in addition to the main forces that protect the canal, while the military presence continues to be robust in Sinai where political tension is highest in Egypt.

US tanker analysts Mcquilling have issued a report on the repercussions of the canal being shut.

“If there were any disruptions to transit through the Suez Canal, an additional 35 VLCCs would be required, under the assumption of a roundtrip voyage at 13 knots and five port days to these regions. Any such disruptions would not be limited to crude oil movements, and would impact a range of trades and vessel classes and tighten global tonnage availability. At present, Egypt is providing some 80,000 troops to ensure that security remains tight around the Suez Canal”, said Mcquilling in its report.


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