South East Asia: Tanker found, tug and barge still missing

The Master of the MT Arsenal, missing since June 17th, has now made contact with the ship’s owners, we understand.¬†

According to reports received, there was a equipment failure on board which left them unable to use communications. Although not confirmed, we are led to believe that there was no foul play involved.

Given the recent spate of hijackings in the region, it is not surprising that there was concern when¬†contact was lost, although the authorities had a number of methods with which to confirm the ship’s well being, not least contacting the tug it was travelling with via VHF.

In other news from South East Asia,¬†ReCAAP has now issued an alert concerning the tug Manyplus 12 and barge Hub 18, transiting from¬†Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia bound for Port Klang. They should have reached port on June 13th, but failed to do so. The last contact the owners had with the tug’s Master was on June 9th at around 1910 LT when the vessels were approximately 61.37nm west of Tanjung Datu, Sarawak. The tug has a crew of 11 aboard, consisting of Indians, Malaysians and Myanmar nationals.

Interestingly, the owners waited until June 16th before contacting ReCAAP, who issued their alert, requesting that ships in the region keep a look out for both vessels, noting that they may have been repainted and that their names may have been altered to mask their identity.