SOMALIA: Seychelles transfers six convicted pirates to Puntland

Bosasso (RBC) Seychelles authorities have on Wednesday transferred six convicted Somali pirates to the Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland, RBC Radio reports.

The six men were flown on a flight from Seychelles to the port town of Bosasso, where the police of Puntland took them to the central prison.

“We have transferred these six men from Seychelles after they were convicted on piracy activities near the Somali waters.” Col. Ali Nur, Puntland head of prison guards said.

Currently there are 38 convicted pirates in the Puntland’s main central prison in Bosasso, he said.

The federal government of Somalia indicated that pirates interned in Kenya and Seychelles would be transferred to Somalia, preparing prisons to be held with the help of UNODC, which is the international body moniutoring the justice against pirates.

RBC Radio


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