Somalia – Seychelles to ‘Transfer 11 Convicted Pirates to Puntland Prisons’: Official

Garowe — Seychelles government is poised to transfer an additional 11 convicted Somali pirates imprisoned on the African island back to Puntland state in northern Somalia, Garowe Online reports.

Mr. Abdirizak Mohamed Dirir “Du’caysane”, Puntland’ s counter-piracy director, told Puntland-based independent radio station Radio Garowe during a Thursday interview that this group of Somali pirates are expected to be transferred over to Puntland government custody next month.

“Puntland government has signed piracy-transfer agreements with Seychelles government as well as Mauritius and Maldives, to bring convicted Somali pirates to complete their prison sentences in Puntland prisons,” said Mr. Dirir, noting that 40 Somali pirates were previously transferred to Puntland prisons.

UNODC has implemented prison construction project donated by Western countries including Norway, to build piracy-transfer prisons in Bossaso and Garowe.

Mr. Dirir also noted the “marked decline” in piracy, saying: “Overall, Somali piracy attacks have declined markedly and the international community commends Puntland government’s role to fight pirates on land,” said Mr. Dirir, adding that Puntland’s role was praised at the Counter-Piracy Conference, held in Dubai 11-12 September 2013.

In 2010, Puntland government enacted Somalia’s first-ever Anti-Piracy Law and instituted the Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF), which has bases along Puntland coast and has been renowned for actively fighting against piracy, smuggling activities, and illegal fishing.


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