SOMALIA: Puntland Government Strongly Rejects Pirate Amnesty False Media Reports

The Government of Puntland strongly rejects recent false media reports concerning offer of amnesty to pirate kingpin, Isse Mohamoud Yusuf (Isse Yuluh). There is no truth to the false reports published by Somali news websites.

Furthermore the Puntland government will not negotiate with pirates or criminals.

The Government of Puntland respects and values the independence and work of the media guaranteed by the Puntland Constitution.

The Government respects all opinions and support the right of free expression and encourages media organizations and Journalists to maintain the integrity of their profession by adhering to journalistic ethics and professionalism.

Media publications and journalists have the onus of substantiating their reports.

The Government of Puntland will continue to aggressively fight piracy and insecurity on the high seas and on-land.


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