Somali pirate disarmed by somali security officers

Mohamed Abdi Gafaje the deputy head of notorious Somali pirates has been arrested in Mogadishu. A Somali police officer has confirmed to Dalsaan Radio  that Mohamed and other fifteen people were arrested with weapons in Mogadishu house.

He is currently under police custody for further investigation.

His arrest comes as the federal government of Somalia is in the process of security the city from the former war lords through disarmament operation.

Credible sources have also reported that  Gafaje was staff at Somali Prime Minister.

Mohamed Abdi Hassan famously known as  Afweyne or big mouth who is the number one leader of the Somali pirates is now serving prison sentence in Belgium for piracy related case long the Somali coast.

Somali pirates business ships anddemanded huge ransom during the height of piracy in 2007 to 2009.


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