Secretariat for Regional Maritime Security: Sinking of the MV Albedo

MV Albedo sank during the night on Saturday 6 July 2013. The vessel had been held by
armed Somali Pirates since 12 November 2010. During this time, the ship had suffered
significant mechanical and structural issues, and coupled with recent bad weather during
the South West monsoon, it sank in relatively shallow waters off the Somali coast. As
released images show, the superstructure of the vessel remains visible above the water.

Despite the precarious and fragile condition of the vessel, it appears that the 15 man crew
on board the MV Albedo were kept on board by their armed captors – a situation that was
entirely avoidable, given that the vessel was equipped with life boats.

When the vessel got in to difficulty, we believe that pirates from another nearby pirated
vessel, FV Naham 3, (which is currently astern of the Albedo), made attempts to move the
MV Albedo hostages to FV Naham 3.

Unfortunately, the status of the crew of MV Albedo remains uncertain at this time.
We, along with the charity, Maritime Piracy and Humanitarian Response (MPHRP), and
other organisations, are working with the Somali Government, regional administrations and
local leaders to try and determine the precise details and status of the crew so as to be
able to tell the families. Understandably, we would like to do this prior to releasing
information to the Media. We would hope that the Media will respect this request.
We call on the pirates holding the MV Albedo crew to release them immediately. They
have been held hostage against their will since November 2010 and have now had to try
and escape from their sinking ship. Our thoughts go out to them and their families.
We urge those who are holding the hostages to make contact with us so that we can
confirm their status and release.

We are ready to assist in informing the Albedo families of the fate of their loved ones.
Contact details for SRMS John Steed +254722322364 and and
for MPHRP 00800 7323 2737


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