Russia warns of pirate attacks

By Stanislava Gaydazhieva

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged citizens to refrain from taking up employment in the region of the Gulf of Guinea.

The “recent sharp increase in the number of acts of maritime piracy off the coast of Nigeria and neighbouring West African countries” made the Russian authorities issue a warning towards its citizens planning to travel or work in the area.

The statement said that since the beginning of the year, more than ten attacks on civilian ships for the purpose of robbery and hostage-taking have taken place in the Gulf of Guinea. A big part of the citizens whose ships suffered pirate attacks were Russian, the ministry informed.

According to the authorities in Moscow, one of the most dangerous areas is the so-called “pirate triangle” ‚Äì a zone off the coast of Nigeria and Cameroon between the edge of the Niger Delta, Bakassi peninsula and the island of Bioko.

It was recommended that Russian citizens avoid travelling to the dangerous area and the region in general “at least until the neighbouring countries introduce security measures in their territorial waters.”


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