Russia, NATO Discuss Fuel Resupply in Gulf of Aden

Within the framework of anti-piracy cooperation in the Gulf of Aden Russia and NATO are negotiating about fuel resupply of the warships, participating in counter piracy missions, as the source in Permanent Delegation of the Russian Federation to NATO told RIA Novosty.

“We are negotiating with NATO about the possibility of fuel resupply using relevant Russian and NATO’s resources in the water area of the Gulf of Aden”, the source said.

Anti-piracy campaign in the Gulf of Aden is held within the context of military operations undertaken by the European Union Naval Force since 2009 Atalanta and NATO’s operation Ocean Shield.

Russian warships have been performing anti-piracy missions and convoy escorting in the Gulf of Aden since 2008.

Recall, that earlier Russian warships were equipped by NATO’s navigation and communications systems.


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