RFA Fort Victoria stops in Gibraltar

ROYAL FLEET AUXILLARY (RFA) FORT VICTORIA will arrive in Gibraltar on Saturday, she on her way back to the UK following 3 years of continuous deployment. 

Over the course of her deployment Fort Victoria has operated in the Gulf, Red Sea, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. She has embarked the staff of Combined Task Force 151 (counter piracy), carried out numerous replenishments at sea with multi-national warships as well as the UK Response Force Task Group (RFTG) which is currently on its Cougar 13 deployment.

RFA Fort Victoria was tasked to ensure that the flotilla of Royal Navy warships from the UK RFTG, who are in an integral part of their Cougar 13 deployment, were kept at peak performance by providing them with fuel, ammunition, food and general naval stores.

Captain Shaun Jones, Commanding Officer, RFA Fort Victoria, said, “Providing operational support in the form of stores and supplies to the Royal Navy at sea is one of the many roles of the RFA. This ensures that the operational warships can be kept on station for extended periods without having to leave their tasking to enter port, which limits their maximum efficiency.”

For the current ships company it has been a long and busy deployment with all looking forward to getting home to friends and family.

Steven Sawyers, RFA Fort Victoria’s Supply and Transport Officer (Naval) (STO(N)), said, “After a lengthy deployment, it is now time for RFA Fort Victoria to return to the UK for her long awaited maintenance period.”

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