Released pirate hostage (MV Leopard): We got beaten up before contact with the Danish media

The former hostage of the Danish ship in Somalia, Captain Eddy Lopez, coming for the first time with his version of the story. He feels abused by Ekstra Bladet and TV 2 

Media Expert believes that he has a case

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One of the former Danish hostages in Somalia is now accusing Ekstra Bladet and TV 2 have exacerbated and exposed situation of the hostages.

Prior to contact with the Danish media were hostages of Captain Eddy Lopez’s testimony threatened and beaten to say and do as gunmen, the Somali pirates, √∏nskede.Det appears from a letter of complaint from Maritime Officers, on behalf of their member Eddy Lopez have complained to the Press Council of Ekatrabladet coverage and to TV2 TV2’s coverage of the case: “Every time we had to talk to journalists, we were beaten up, so it could be heard that we were scared and we were told what to say .¬†We never spoke at any time freely.¬†Not at all, “says Eddy Lopez in the complaint letter to the Press Council.

In a comment 6¬†January 2013 explained Ekatrabladet chefreakt√∏r, Poul Madsen, otherwise its readers why the interview was ever produced, “We know it’s controversial, and we have also discussed whether we should do it.¬†For of course the pirates have an interest in exhibiting Eddy and Sean pin-clay.¬†But the torment is not nothing that is invented for the occasion. ‘

In the complaint letter to TV 2 refers Eddy Lopez also that he was exhibited in the broadcast¬†of the Danish hostages – nightmare in Somalia¬†: “I’m really bad with the broadcast.¬†It was humiliating.¬†We weep, and we did not, we got beaten up.¬†I would not want my kids to see me like that, or my wife, my family. “

Editor: We are very surprised

The complaints came after several politicians, with Foreign Minister Sovndal (SF) tip, already has criticized media coverage of having more onerous and prolonged hostage crisis.

Professor in mediated by Aalborg University S√∏ren Sandfeld Jakobsen believes that Eddy Lopez probably has a case as the guiding rules concerning ethics is not just about media content, but also on behavior.¬†Soren Sandfeld Jakobsen refers among other things to the specific wording on show ‘the greatest’ interests of victims of accidents or crimes, “But I do not recall that there have been similar cases, so it is difficult to say whether Eddy Lopez succeeds In its complaints.¬†It says not mean that it is a full account.¬†So it’s a trade off, as it is an issue which is of general interest. ‘

Eva Damsgaard, journalist and author of the upcoming book on hostage-taking, the dirty game, do not want to comment on the two complaints but generally underline that ‘hostages never talk freely by Somali pirates. “

“The hostages are being threatened and beaten to deliver the pirates’ message.¬†It is a filthy trick pirates user.¬†The hostages must be complaining and whining when they call for families, company or journalists.¬†It is known. ‘

Both TV 2 and Ekstra Bladet are now looking at the complaints, but the latter’s editor in chief, Poul Madsen, is amazed: “We are very surprised.¬†We have not had the impression that Eddy Lopez was unhappy. ‘


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