Pirates thwarted by Indonesian Navy

INDONESIA: Pirates were thwarted by the Indonesian Navy off Riau Island, Indonesia.

Bulk carrier New Emerald was underway in the Philip Channel at Lat. 01 03.14N., Long. 103 37.86E. during 07.00 hours local time on 21 November, according to AISLive vessel tracking.

An alert was sent to Information Fusion Centre (IFC) of Singapore on an attempted piracy activity in the area. This information was later relayed to the Indonesia Navy Western Fleet Command (KOARMABAR) through the liaison officer from IFC.

KOARMABAR, immediately diverted two navy ships, KRI Sanca and KRI Todak, from a routine patrol and rushed them to the scene. The Indonesian naval vessels converged near the vicinity of the 45,554dwt New Emerald. However, the pirates fled before the arrival of the naval vessels.

There was no loss of cargo and no crew injured due to the incident. Subsequently, the 1996-bulit New Emerald was escorted by the naval vessels to Teluk Jodoh, off Batuampar, Batam, Indonesia before it was boarded by naval officers for investigation. New Emerald continued its voyage on the same day after the investigation and is scheduled to arrive in Cam Pha, Vietnam, tomorrow.

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