Pirate Attack – Gulf of Guinea

GoG attack Feb 22/2013

The IMB reports that armed pirates attacked a cargo ship off the coast of Nigeria on Feb. 22nd at around 1800 UTC. According to the report, a skiff containing six pirates armed with automatic weapons launched from a mother ship (type not detailed in the report, which is somewhat unhelpful) and pursued the cargo ship and fired on it in an attempt to force it to stop in position 03:51N-005:57E, approximately 30nm SSW of Brass, Nigeria.

The ship’s Master raised the alarm, activated anti-piracy measures, increased speed and began evasive manoeuvres. Non-essential crew took shelter in the vessel’s citadel. The pirates attempted to board several times but were unable to do so due to the hardening measures taken by the ship. The incident was reported to the MRCC Nigeria. The crew was uninjured but the vessel was damaged by gunfire.

Via: http://www.icc-ccs.org/

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