Piracy trial: Kin of hostages of Somali pirates get help

The state has sanctioned Rs. 20.95 lakh towards expenses for the accommodation and travel of 91 witnesses who are foreign nationals and were held as hostages by Somali pirates.

The Navy had arrested 120 pirates between January and March 2011. In these operations, around 91nationals from Pakistan, Mozambique, Thailand, Iran, Myanmar and Indonesia were rescued.

During the trial against these pirates, a Sewri sessions court had, on the request of special public prosecutor Ranjeet Sangle, issued summons in December 2012 to call these victims before the court.

However, the respective embassies had said they would only bring the witnesses if the Indian government paid for their expenses, to which the state agreed.

“The state has already released the funds. However, the embassies have failed to reciprocate,” Sangle said.

Only Mozambique, Iran and Indonesia have so far agreed to send their nationals.

“Even these countries have not confirmed the visit and given any schedule for their arrival,” Sangle said.

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