Pakistan naval ship Shahjahan on 5-day UAE visit

ABU DHABI: The Pakistani Navy ship, Shahjahan, reached Port Mena Zayed, Abu Dhabi on a 5-day routine operational visit to the United Arab Emirates. The ship is being commanded by Captain Muhammad IrfanTaj.

PNS Shahjahan is the third ship in the Pakistani Navy to have this name and is one of the leading ships of the country’s naval fleet. Fitted with a modern state-of-the-art system, the ship is kept abreast of any other modern ship within its class.

The Pakistani Navy, in conjunction with other international and regional Navies, is participating in multinational operations commonly known as the Coalition Maritime Campaign Plan (CMCP), since April 2004. The operations of CMCP are mandated by the UN Charter and are aimed at regulating international law in the North Arabian Sea. The multinational naval forces are organised in the form of a task force and Pakistan Navy has the honour to command Task Force – 155 times. The ship and its crew aims to promote peace, security and stability in the region, while preventing unlawful use of the seas in terms of illegal transportation and piracy.

The visit of PNS Shahjahan to Port Mena Zayed in Abu Dhabi signifies the historical friendly relations between Pakistan and UAE and reflects the strong military ties that exist between the two navies.


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