Kuwait supports anti-piracy efforts — Al-Ghanim

Director of the Legal Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait, Minister Plenipotentiary, Ghanim Saqr Al-Ghanim asserted here Thursday that the State of Kuwait supports international efforts to combat the phenomenon of maritime piracy.

Speaking to KUNA after he presided over the Kuwaiti delegation taking part in the Third Conference to combat maritime piracy, which was launched yesterday, Al-Ghanim said that the decline of this phenomenon has become obvious since the international community has highlighted such an issue through the UAE’s hosting of the first conference in 2011.

He stressed the continuation of Kuwait’s support for Somalia and the efforts to bring peace and stability and extend its sovereignty over its territorial waters.

He explained that the anti-piracy conference in its three sessions focused on addressing this phenomenon and ways to harness global partnerships between the public and private sectors to deal with it through international cooperation and the development of sustainable and long-term solutions to that problem.

He extolled efforts of the United Arab Emirates in the elimination of this phenomenon, hailing at the same time assistance and facilities it has offered in cooperation with the international community to Somalia. (end)

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