Gulf of Guinea Pirate Attack

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An attack was made on two vessels involved in STS operations off the coast of Togo on Monday.

According to the report, pirates boarded the daughter vessel during the STS op at 2245 LT in position 05:41.7N-001:20.2E, approximately 27nm SSE of Lome, Togo. The pirates were spotted by the crew on the mother vessel who raised the alarm. SSAS was activated and all crew on the mother vessel mustered. 

The embarked team of Togo naval guards exchanged fire with the pirates. Later, a large skiff with 8-10 armed pirates was seen leaving the daughter vessel and approaching the mother vessel. Seeing this, the Master instructed all crew to retreat into the citadel and informed the Togo navy. The report states that the onboard guards took the necessary action to prevent the pirates from boarding, although details are not provided. The Togo navy sent two patrol boats out to assist which then escorted the vessel to anchorage. All crew safe.