Fire-Damaged Fishing Boat Reaches Port Victoria with 15 Crew Unaccounted

Source: Seychelles Police Press Release

The [Seychellois] Police have reported that a fishing vessel bearing the name of Chun-Ying, which reportedly caught fire on the 19 June while fishing on high seas between Somalia and Seychelles, has been pulled into Port Victoria this morning, 5 July.

The Taiwanese boat, registered in Singapore was pulled in by Chun-Ying 777, another boat from the same company which was contacted on the 21 June to find Chun-Ying after their base had lost contact with the former.

From a total of thirty one (31) crew members including the Captain, only fourteen (14)  of them were found alive and rescued from a rescue life raft; two (2) burnt bodies were later discovered on another, this time partly damaged, rescue life raft while fifteen (15) others are reported missing.

The first crew members to be found by Chun-Ying 777 were the fourteen who had drifted into Seychelles waters and on 25 June. The two burnt bodies were found on 28 June while no one seems to know what happened to the Captain and the other fourteen crew members.

According to the initial inquiry, it has been reported by a certain crew member that, “after turning crazy, the chief officer locked himself in a cabin and set fire to it,” a fire which quickly got out of control and the Captain ordered his crew to abandon¬† the ship.

Chun-Ying 777 reached Port Victoria this morning, 5 July, at around 9 am with the damaged Chun-Ying.

The Police are investigating this reported incident.


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