Every time we pay for the fuel, it pays a tax to the piracy

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While the phenomenon tends to decrease in the area, the Seychelles authorities remain vigilant against the threat of Somali pirates. The Foreign Minister pointed out yesterday, the Port, during a demonstration FAZSOI.

A helicopter that arises at the last moment, two boats marine commandos who come in to help and surround the suspect vessel, in less than five minutes here two arrested and brought aboard the Floreal pirates. The transaction does not take place off Somalia yesterday but in the western military dock port. Demonstration FAZSOI to the attention of the President of Seychelles, James Michel, and his ministers.

The archipelago in effect since 2009 working with France and more broadly with the European Union in the fight against piracy. Seychelles and large exclusive economic zone (1.3 million km2) have been hit hard during the height of the crisis. The fishing industry was the first question before the islands experience a surge in import costs.

Unable to mobilize large warships like the Floreal or Nivôse involved each year in the European Atalanta device, local authorities agreed to prosecute pirates on their soil. Load the French, British and others to capture, Seychellois to take legal proceedings and imprisonment.

“Everyone pays”

Logic to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Paul Adam, who believes that the consequences are widely shared.¬†“For a small island state, further north, closer, the risk is higher of course (…) It is an existential problem for us (…) But in reality, each state suffers from piracy. Everyone pays for piracy. “¬†And to illustrate his point with the famous special taxes imposed by shipping companies which increase the price of transport.

For several months, the pressure of pirates is still significantly reduced. The last arrest was made by French military back for example at the end of last year. The reasons for this slowdown are plural: stalking carried ashore by the Puntland authorities, organizing convoys of ships under escort boarding private mercenaries and international collaboration.

The different devices seem to prove themselves and it is therefore not question the IOC countries to loosen the grip. At the risk of new hackers evolve away from the Somali coast where they are now confined for the most part. The stakes are high.

On June 20, the spirit of international cooperation has also been reaffirmed on board the French frigate Guépratte.Ambassador of France to Seychelles Seychelles is received and European representatives.

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