CTF 150 Commander meets head of Tanzanian Navy

The Commander of one of the Combined Maritime Forces task forces in the Indian Ocean recently paid a call on the head of the Tanzanian Navy during a visit to Dar Es Salaam.

The Marine Nationale’s Captain Jean-Michel Martinet, Commander of Combined Task Force 150, met Rear Admiral Said Omar as part of a programme of regional engagement.

Conversations between them focused on improving maritime security in the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) area of operations by enhancing cooperation and creating opportunities to build regional maritime capacity.

The two officers discussed how Tanzania could expand their existing contribution to regional maritime security and work with the different CTF 150 assets operating in the region.

Admiral Omar also expressed his determination to contribute to stability in the region, and highlighted efforts made to stop the flow of illegal drug trafficking through Tanzania.

Captain Martinet said: “This visit enabled me to thank Rear Admiral Omar for the Tanzanian Navy’s cooperation and for his frank discussion about the maritime security situation in the region.

“This cooperation is essential to the conduct of my mission as our common goal of maritime security and stability can only be achieved by continued cooperation and information sharing between our forces.”

CTF 150 is tasked with preventing terrorism and other illicit activity in the Northern Indian Ocean as part of CMF, a 29-nation coalition dedicated to promoting and preserving maritime security in the Middle East.

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