CMF Commanders and Force Generation Conference ‘a success’

The Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) Force Generation Conference, attended by all CMF contributing nations, has been hailed a success by the organisation’s Commander.

The conference, held on 4 December 2013 at the US Naval Support Activity base in Bahrain, was hosted by Vice Admiral John W. Miller, Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, US 5th Fleet and Combined Maritime Forces and Commodore Keith Blount Royal Navy, United Kingdom Maritime Component Commander and Deputy Commander, Combined Maritime Forces.

The conference aim was to provide an opportunity for CMF and Commanders of the CMF Combined Task Forces to reflect on their achievements over the past six months.

Vice Admiral Miller said: “This was the most successful CMF conference ever held, where we demonstrated our effectiveness to provide security and stability to all those who wish to use the seas for lawful trade. CMF is a recognised and growing organisation and we will continue to support regional nations and our member’s interests for the foreseeable future.”

Talks focused on how CMF can continue its success in countering the piracy threat by working closely with the merchant shipping community and through having a strong regional maritime presence. The importance of continued close cooperation with Middle Eastern naval partners whilst they enhance their own maritime security capabilities was also underscored.

Captain Robert Slaven, Royal Australian Navy, Director of Operations for CMF, said: “This has been a great opportunity to explain and demonstrate our performance to what is in effect our board of Directors. We received excellent feedback and guidance that we can now take forward to hone our operations.”


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