CGT 151 Commander Meets Senior Officials from Royal Navy of Oman, Coast Guard


Pakistan’s Commodore Ishan Qadir, head of the multinational Combined Task Force (CTF) 151, met senior officials of the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) and ROP’s Coast Guard unit over the weekend to discuss maritime security in the region.

During the meeting with Rasheed al Raisi, the acting commander of RNO, Commodore Qadir praised RNO’s efforts for its work in patrolling regional waters and helping ensure safe passage of merchant traffic.

Both parties also agreed that the final solution to Somali-based piracy lay on land, and said that the international community should continue to support Somalia.

With CTF 151’s area of operations spread over 2.5mn square miles, Commodore Qadir stressed that combating piracy over such a wide area takes international effort. “Reported pirate activity has declined, owing in part to the security measures adopted by the maritime shipping industry, increased stability in northern Somalia and largely to the presence of international counter-piracy naval forces.

“RNO is a capable and professional naval force that does an outstanding job of patrolling and protecting the territorial waters of Oman from piracy.”¬ù

Commodore Qadir also met with the acting chief of Coast Guard unit, Capt Ali al Mobali, to further discuss the security of Oman’s territorial waters, which was critical to the success of international counter-piracy efforts in the area.

Capt Mobali said it was important to help secure the sea in order to protect Oman, which relied heavily on maritime shipping. “Rebuilding the confidence of the maritime shipping community and ensuring safe passage through the Sea of Oman and the Gulf of Aden is vital to the country’s growth.”¬ù

The meetings coincided with the visit of Pakistan Navy ship Tariq to Oman from September 8 to 11, during which the vessel will be opened for the public at Port of Salalah and also host an onboard reception. PNS Tariq commanding officer Capt Abdur Rahman will hold meetings with Omani military and civil authorities.



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