Biggest US Pirate Catch Appealing Conviction

Associated Press reports that Mohammad Saaili Shibin is appealing his conviction. 

The story states that Shibin, who was found guilty of serving as a hostage negotiator during the hijacking of the SY Quest, is due to have his appeal heard by a Federal appeals panel today (Tuesday). Shibin’s lawyers contend that he should never have been convicted as his never set out on the high seas, AP reports. In August 2012, Shibin was sentenced to serve 12 life sentences for his roles in two hijackings.

During the trial, prosecutors alleged that Shibin received at least $30,000 for his role as negotiator. The hijacking ended in tragedy and all four hostages were killed during the incident. Shibin was also on trial for his role in the hijacking of the MV Miranda Marguerite, a German-owned merchant vessel.