Bahrain: Coast Guard: Pirates attack Bahraini dhow

Manama: March 5 –– (BNA) –– The Coast Guard Commander, Brigadier Alaa Siyadi, announced that a Bahraini dhow was shot at in northern Bahraini waters on Monday. He said the dhow was forced to stop and was then towed into Iranian waters. The pirates then boarded the boat and robbed it before letting it go.
The Commander stated that one of sailors was injured with two gunshots to his shoulder. He was taken to hospital and his condition is stable.

The sailors said that four armed men in two boats who took them captive spoke with an Iranian accent. They said they felt that their lives were in danger during the incident.

The Commander advised all sailors to stay within permitted fishing grounds in regional waters and to follow the Coast Guard instructions for their safety. (IY)


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