Angola: Violation of Nzeto maritime zone by pirate ships denounced

The director of Nzeto Maritime Post, Zaire province, in the northern part of Angola, Francisco Mendes, denounced last weekend in that town, it is constant travellers from unknown origin, fishing illegally in maritime zone of that costal municipality.

The director spoke at the hearing meeting with the Vice-governor of Zaire for Economic Affairs, Alberto Sabino, in NZeto municipality.

He said that this practice of new piracy has damaged the materials of local artisanal fishermen and caused serious problems in the ecosystem.

According to him, various ships carrying illegal immigrants from DRC are also frequent in that region en-route to Luanda.

Francisco Mendes urged for urgent support of Zaire provincial government in the purchase of boats to reinforce the patrolling of the coastal line of Nzeto municipality, aiming for the efficiency of the activity of maritime inspection along the coastline.

Meanwhile, the Vice-governor, Alberto Sabino, expressed his satisfaction at the denunciation, having admitted the purchase of the equipment requested by Nzeto maritime post.


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