About the Service

The British Ministerial Department of Business and Trade are conducting a Security Sector Trade Mission to Saudi Arabia between 22-24 May 2023. Neptune P2P Group comes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offering the following services:

Security Risk Management Consulting

  • Maritime & Land Establishment Security:  The assessment of the threat, vulnerability, and subsequent risk, providing risk management recommendations and plans that will mitigate the risk to the clients’ critical assets. NP2Ps portfolio covers Ports and Terminals, Oil and Gas Installations, Establishment HQs and its satellite locations. The consultancy also covers the development of security and operating procedures including contingency plans.
  • Business Continuity & Resilience (BCR) (inc. Cyber Security Awareness): Working with an organisation to confirm its critical assets, understand the likelihood and impact of a disruption to the assets functionality, and put a contingency plan in place that should a disruption occur, business continuity is assured. If an organisation already has a Business Continuity (or contingency) Plan, NP2P can exercise its viability. The BCR consultancy also includes Cyber Security Awareness.
  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response: Procedures, training, in-person or virtual online support. Crisis Management and Emergency Response provides that critical assistance at a time of need. Be that strategic and operational decision-making to tactical response covering all eventualities from a civil contingency to a terrorist attack.
  • Travel Risk Management (TRM): Providing end-to-end support from developing TRM security policy and guidelines, to location and route threat assessments, mitigation, plans, and tracking. NP2P can provide in-country or virtual remote support in unfamiliar to hostile locations.

Training & Capacity Building

Delivering training and capacity building either on location or virtually. The NP2P training portfolio ranges from managing a security department to preparing individuals to travel to non-familiar environments. Its Port Facility Security Officer course is accredited by the UK Ministry, Department for Transport. NP2P capacity building is focused towards Government organisations. It covers the full spectrum of Special Forces capabilities across the land and maritime domains as well as cross Government counter-terrorism crisis response.

Protective Security Services

  • Film Production: SIA-qualified security teams, including COVID testing and management, supporting film production on-set.
  • Expeditionary Security Management: The provision, oversight and management of host nation security teams that protect the critical assets (be that people, vehicles, valuable equipment, or infrastructure), of organisations or projects, be they Government, or a private entity.
  • Vessel Security: Providing armed and unarmed security teams in transit onboard Merchant Vessels, Marine Works and Cable Laying Vessels, Fishing Vessels, Cruise Ships, and Luxury Yachts.

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