About the Service

Neptune P2P Group have delivered multiple security risk management training courses over the past 12 years.We have ensured the safety and protection of multiple businesses and people across the world, and we are experts in dealing with high-risk environments and situations. We believe in reducing the risk for an organisation through prevention by protection - ensuring you and your organisation have effective plans in place, to protect your people, assets, and reputation. Risk and threats across the globe continue to evolve, and any employee in your business who is exposed to high-risk, dangerous, and complex political environments, should be pre-prepared through dedicated workshops and training. Regular training ensures that your employees and stakeholders are well prepared and know what to do and how to act when security and risk management issues arise. We provide the following suite of security risk management training courses:

Crisis Management Response Training

We work closely with organisations to develop a crisis management response process and procedures that are tailored to the specific details of your business. Through a series of crisis management planning workshops and training in crisis and emergency response, we make sure everyone in your organisation has clear roles and responsibilities and the competence, knowledge and ability to act in the event of an emergency.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

The aim of HEAT training is to build the capacity, confidence and capability of individuals operating in difficult, unstable or hostile regions. Our training ensures that the correct duty of care is undertaken by the organisation deploying them. We teach delegates the correct ‘approach’ to incident reaction and responses and potential risks they may be exposed to in hostile environments. The course is designed to empower individuals enabling them to reduce the risks they face, and allow them to respond appropriately when confronted with a potentially dangerous situation.

Situation Awareness In Foreign Environments (SAFE)

Our SAFE course is designed to prepare individuals to deal with difficult unforeseen situations. After conducting our SAFE course, individuals will better understand the environment they may travel to and how to maintain a low profile presence. They will be confident they can read situations and immediately assess how to respond and react should something out of the ordinary occur, ensuring they are SAFE