About the Service

Neptune P2P Group provide a full turnkey solution of safety & security services to the Film & TV Productions industry in the United Kingdom and abroad. We also provide services to the Press industry in dangerous environments across the globe. We understand the nuances of the culture in these media sectors and the expectations and requirements associated with both. Through our wide range of regional and international networks, established reputation and operational experience Neptune P2P Group provide a reliable and cost-effective service to the Media industry.

Film & TV Production

We have experience of working in this unique sector having worked with multiple Location Managers, Production Managers and Line Producers in Production Unit Bases, Filming Locations and TV Studios across the United Kingdom. We understand the filmmaking culture and the expectations of the producers and performers so they can work safely and without hindrance from unnecessary distractions. We provide a full turn-key service of the following: 

  • Security Management – Provide experienced Security Managers to develop and implement robust security plans and manage all aspects of the security guards including managing rotas and logging guards locations, ensuring accurate working hours and invoicing. Additionally, our Security Managers organise and coordinate drivers and vehicles and associated logistics.
  • Security Guards – Provide licensed guards to protect cast, crew, physical equipment and provide location security in physical and technical areas.
  • Drivers & Vehicles – Provide reliable drivers with practical and comfortable vehicles.
  • Traffic control – Provide traffic marshal’s with associated equipment.
  • Medical – Provide trained medics to ensure the personal safety of cast and crew in accordance with Health & Safety Regulations. Our Medics act as First Responders in case of any injuries or illnesses and will liaise with local emergency services. We also provide trained COVID safety officers with onsite testing equipment.

The Press

Neptune P2P Group provides the following security services for the Press:

  • High-Risk Security Advisors (HRSA) – Our HRSA’s often work with the media and the press assisting from planning through deployment. They understand the unique requirements of working with these organisations and they are not acting as Personal Protection Officers’ but rather there to advice on security concerns.
  • Intelligence & information services
  • Security & Risk Consulting services