About the Service

Neptune P2P Group have provided Maritime Security Training services to organisations since 2009. When considering that 80% + of global trade is transported on ocean shipping through the interface and facilitation from port facilities, Maritime Security must be one of the largest sectors in the commercial security industry today. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) brought into mandatory compliance the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code effective from 01st July 2004, requiring Governments to bring into their laws, enabling legislation in the form of Maritime Security Regulations to implement the ISPS Code at international ports and aboard their flagged ships.

Neptune P2P Group considers that ‘effective security measures' are a process that establishes a security culture within the workforce, not merely a product of security guards and equipment. Neptune P2P Group specialises in the Company development of security plans and procedures that provide preventative protection measures to be in place across the workforce departments, against a security incident evolving. The ability to effectively respond to any security incident and resilience to recover. All of these begin with Security Training.

Training instructors of Neptune P2P Group have been involved globally in the ISPS Code since its inception, conducting ship and port security assessments, developing ship and port security plans, and delivering accredited security training packages (PFSO/CSO/SSO/PDSD) to major oil & gas companies and port operators from their executive-level personnel on security policies, through senior management on security of operations, to staff and employees on security plan implementation.

In today’s digital world much information can be gained from the internet, including security training courses. Neptune P2P Group considers that it is the Human Element that establishes a security culture aboard a ship or within a port facility. Our interactive Maritime Security Training courses provide the explanation, demonstration, imitation, and confirmation of learning. You can come to us, or we can come to you.

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