Welcome to Posidonia 2022, we offer maritime security services to protect crew, ships & cargo from maritime security threats at sea since 2009, not limited to The Gulf of Aden, The Indian Ocean as well as The Gulf of Guinea. Through strategically placed maritime security personnel, vessel-based armouries, and a wealth of experience from its British and French former-military senior management team, we provide maritime security services and security risk solutions to you across the globe, 24/7.

Our maritime services include protecting Merchant Vessels, Fisheries Protection, Cruise Ships, Luxury yachts & Superyachts, Oil & Gas, Marine Works & Cable Laying Ships, Ports & Terminals from maritime piracy and security threats at sea.

We hold a long-standing record of a 100% success rate and have provided maritime security solutions to the largest shipping companies globally, fisheries protection, oil majors, energy projects, cruise liners and superyacht clients with more than 6000+ transits over high-risk areas across the globe.

Offering International Asset Maritime Security, Risk Assessment & Consultancy with Armed Protection. As part of our package, we conduct the following:

  • Vessel Security & Risk Assessment
  • Emergency Preparedness, Planning, Procedures
  • Geographical Intelligence assessments
  • Bespoke Port & Terminal Intelligence

Our clients are at the centre of our business and we pride ourselves on being considered their trusted partner for their maritime solutions. We continuously support our clients with our best-in-class maritime security personnel, consultants, and analysts, as well as our proprietary technology, central operations and control team, and real-time intelligence. Our depth of knowledge comes from a leadership team that has extensive professional on-ground and offshore experience dealing with high-risk situations.

If you are looking for maritime security services, support or advice or have questions about our maritime security services in high-risk areas or across the globe, submit your details here and one of our maritime security and risk experts will call you back or we can meet up at Posidonia between 6 to 10 June 2022.