Protecting ports and terminals

Security threats are constantly evolving, and so are we. We’re continually assessing security threats and new technologies so that we can develop and implement security measures to enhance port security.

It’s an area where we have vast experience, combining our skills in security risk management, maritime security, counter terrorism and ship security management systems. Those skills mean we can undertake port and terminal security assessments and gap analysis of their security plans that leave no stone unturned, no scenario unconsidered.

We go beyond the requirements of ISPS compliance to identify specific security vulnerabilities that others might not even notice. Wherever in the world it might be, we can help to keep it safe.

We work closely with port stakeholders and port facility security officers to make sure that all security plans and procedures are thoroughly understood and flawlessly implemented. Our ISPS-certified experts will provide ISPS code familiarisation training as well as security training.

How we can help you

  • Port security survey and ISPS assessment
  • Gap analysis of port security plans and procedures
  • Port & terminal security risk assessment
  • Assessment of access controls, CCTV systems & guarding
  • Safety and security audits
  • Port security training

See How We Can Protect You