Making sure your assets get there safely

Oil and gas platforms need expert protection, as do the ships that form their supply chain. That’s where we come in. Our teams of security and risk experts know how to work in complex high-risk environments. They understand the importance of simple, effective emergency plans, procedures and resources, and can help you develop and implement them.

We can take care of everything – training and developing your own staff, working alongside any other agencies used by you or your suppliers, providing on-platform personnel, and keeping you safe with offshore security vessels.

With the latter, we can either provide our own ships – fully equipped with threat detection, communication and security equipment – or integrate our operations centre into your existing project support vessels.

How we can help you

  • Armed protection teams in high risk areas
  • Comprehensive security audit and risk assessments
  • Robust security management plans
  • Crisis and emergency response procedures
  • Country specific evacuation plans

See How We Can Protect You