Somalia: Somali Navy Vows to Eradicate Illegal Fishing – Commander

The Commander of Somali Navy Admiral Madeey Nur Ufurow has vowed to eliminate the illegal fishing and the toxic waste dumping into Somalia waters.

Speaking at a press conference in Mogadishu Admiral Ufurow said that the Somali Naval Forces are under huge re-arrangement and re-equipment as they will soon begin fish operation to fight against fireign led legal fishing and the toxic dumping.

“We have now the capacity to launch such operation.We have re-operated all the vessels and we have finished training the first division of the navy.” Admiral Unfurrow added.

The new Somalia Navy Commander appointed two months ago has started to resume sea petrol operations as the naval command based in Mogadishu issued last warning towards the foreign vessels stealing Somalia sea resources and those engaged in toxic dumping into Somalia waters.


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