Guards at sea frighten pirates

Since 2011, the number of pirate attacks on Danish ships has dropped dramatically. This is most likely due the fact that it is now legal to the armed guards on board. In most cases, the guards do not use force, but their presence alone is enough to scare pirates away.

ritz Ganzhorn, Director of S√∏fartens Ledere has said that “Perhaps some people were skeptical about the armed guards, but I think that the industry has come to the conclusion that it is the only way to provide effective protection of the ships and crews. So I like to look at it as a success”.

Since 2011, the shipping companies have been allowed to have armed guards on board ships, a total of 188 times, but reportedly the guards have only used force once.

The task at hand is now to make the guards even better, says Vice President of The Danish Shipping Association, Jan Fritz Hansen.

“We now have to be as quality oriented as possible, so we do not end up shooting too much or shooting the wrong people” he says.

Every year there are a total of 30-40.000 ships crossing the Indian Ocean or sailing through the Gulf of Aden and they are all at risk of pirate attacks.

Source: DR / Maritime Denmark


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